essay : seeing my mother again in my twenties

Twenty years have passed since this meet-up (in the following story)with my mother. She was the age that I am at now. Fortunately, we have reconnected again, though there is great distance between us.

I will be telling my story once again at the Moth GrandSLAM in Boston this month.I am so grateful for this opportunity. I hope I can be a powerful voice for  alienated children everywhere, because if there is one word to describe my childhood experience, it is powerless.  Thankfully, that word no longer applies to my life.

A Mother Erased



9 thoughts on “essay : seeing my mother again in my twenties

  1. I feel a sense of vindication when I read your memoir, I have been alienated from my 15 year old daughter for the past 6 years. I appreciate your memoir posts because they help me understand what it feels like from my daughters point of view. Thank you.

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    1. My sister has not reached out to our mother and believes that my father was justified and that “she was over it long ago”. So I suppose mine is one perspective, told by a “recovered” alienated child. My sister would tell a different story/perspective. Sadly, I don’t believe she will ever handle the truth.


    1. I just double checked, and yes the tickets are sold out, even for members. So sorry. I got mine automatically since I am a participant, but these do sell out quickly. With any luck, my story will be made into a podcast. Perhaps I will at least post the written version of my Moth story here afterwards.

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  2. I am also a mother that has been erased from my now 16 yr. Child. And without legal help might be with my 11yr. But we still see each other. I have not had my 16 yr old with me for 3 yr. She wants nothing to do with me. Calls her step mom, her mother, and me by my first name. Her father and Step mom have brainwashed her so much She believes what she’s heard about me is the truth. I’m praying for her, and long to be with her some day. But so much has been lossed.


    1. Tamara, I understand. There really is a brainwashing that goes on in these situations. It is sort of like living in a cult I think. Your children are victims, as you are. Some day if they “see the light”, they will remember that you kept trying to stay in contact. Don’t lose hope.


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