Memoir Update

20160617_074548In my last post, I wrote about my intention to discuss the alienation (from my mother) with my father, and to include mention of my memoir-in-progress.

Shortly after writing that, my father experienced a health crisis, which he is now recovering from. I am waiting until he is fully recovered from this before I initiate this overdue conversation with him.

In the meantime, I am continuing to edit my memoir, and am remaining open to a new ending.  I have received some encouraging responses to my writing, but the search for a literary agent continues. I have been told it is somewhat of a numbers game, and that as long as the proposal is the best we can make it, we have to be willing to send it to many, many agents before finding our match. Memoir is a tough genre, but it is the one I have been called to write in, so onward I go. I am trying to find a balance between searching for the next literary agent to send my proposal to, and spending my time polishing my memoir. In addition, I suspect the conversation with my father, once it finally happens, may change the ending of my book.

Although I know it can be a long, arduous process, I am very hopeful that my book will eventually be out into the world. It feels very purposeful to me, and at the risk of sounding mystical, I believe that our souls are not given authentic desires without also being given the means to achieve those desires. It is a matter of doing our best, persevering even when it is very difficult, and having faith in the timing of things.

In addition to completing my memoir, and finding a literary agent and publisher, I plan to create a website which will contain my articles, blog and other information all in one spot. I would like to combine my passion for simplifying, which I write about on my other blog, Musing Simplicity, with my work on “parent alienation” issues.

Although the two topics seem to be vastly unrelated,  they are not. I believe it is by clearing out the clutter in all its forms, that we are able to reach our authentic selves. It is this Self that carries our wounds as well as our strengths. Clear the clutter, face the wounds, find your strength. It is that simple and that difficult.

So that is my goal: in the spirit of simplicity, one website, one blog, with my name on it. Choice by choice, and word by word, and day by day, I hope I am always moving forward. To harness the lessons of the past and shine them on the present-perhaps that is the best we can do.






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